Workshop in your Workplace

Embodying the same ethos as the online webinar workshop, this offering goes a step further by providing hands-on, face-to-face photography exercises tailored to meet whatever visual requirements the business may have. Whether it’s portraits, products, manufacturing, events, and more, I will offer guidance on composition and lighting. Additionally, I’ll provide an exclusive video into the editing process, ensuring the finished product stands out and elevates your visual marketing correctly.

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What will I learn on the day? 
I will provide some of my extensive knowledge of over 25 years of full-time professional photography with techniques in composition, lighting, camera handling, portraits, workplace, and event photography. The workplace business workshop will give you the basic knowledge to allow you to shoot in a professional style.

Who can attend this workshop?
Anybody, with little or no experience, to having some knowledge in photography is very welcome to this workshop. All I ask is for attendees to know the basic camera settings for their smartphones and/or camera devices. These may include controlling the camera’s light meter/exposure, aperture, ISO, and shutter speeds, plus the ‘RAW’ file type the device can capture.

What is the workshop schedule?
A good duration for a workplace business workshop is 3 hours, this gives time for a basic understanding, some practical shooting and lots of questions.

Is there a workshop follow-up?
Yes, I will provide my workshop attendees with an exclusive online video tutorial which explains my step-by-step process from the taken image in the camera through to Adobe Raw and Adobe Photoshop. Within this, I will include one of the locations we photographed.

I’ve never used Photoshop; is this a problem?
Firstly, for those who do not have Photoshop, there is a cost-effective subscription model that can be installed on a month-by-month basis for when you require it. Understanding Photoshop might sound like a daunting task to some; however, I explain each step in a concise and easy way, demonstrating that the process I employ using this software is straightforward. The result is a professional-level of finished images.