Medium Format Portraits

Medium Format cameras are mainly used by high-end photographers shooting bigger budgets in advertising, fashion, and fine art, resulting in beautiful, bigger, sharper images, with a smooth out-of-focus background (bokeh) which is different from normal, smaller professional cameras. 

You’d be surprised to know the images shot here are mainly done on location in small workplaces rather than bigger studios, by using a simple lighting style enables a quick shoot which saves your clients and colleagues their precious time. Furthermore using flattering lighting and putting your subject into a relaxed state is key to a successful result. The using post production skills to use subtle re-touching can give the finished image some polish and reassure a camera-shy sitter!

Images here include commissions by Joseph Roundtree Foundation, Harvey Nichols, Cleveland Steel, Lupton Fawcett, ASDA, Mayer Brown and Leeds City Council.