Events & Hospitality


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I’ve been working in photography for more than 25 years, and have completed in excess of 10,000 assignments. 

The huge passion to produce the very best images possible for my clients has been with me all this time. 

With all my experience you’re assured that every aspect of delivering professional photography from my efficiency shooting people, products and services in every business sector to delivering the right imagery for your campaigns and marketing projects.

Above you can view extensive work shot for many clients in corporate, food, industrial, construction, events, hospitality and more.


The demand for video is bigger than ever and doesn’t seem to want to slow down as marketing information is widely used and popular to digest via video. With vast knowledge and experience in stills photography, commissioning me for video is advantageous due to my natural ability to understand composition and light, then combined into the moving image, results in an all-round professional finish.

Case Studies

After viewing my categories in my photography portfolios above, you may also be interested in seeing the bigger package I produce for my clients here.

My case studies give you an insight into how I aim to shoot as many images for each brief as possible. This allows my clients to have choice, and an archive for future use, which adds value for budgets and maximises content.


I’m proud to offer my services to every single type of business, from cottage industry starters to global players, I’ve worked with most.

Here is a display of some of the businesses I’ve worked with – you’ll see large multinational clients here who put their trust in me to deliver important marketing assets.