Webinar Workshop

Photography technology has advanced at such a rapid pace that it now allows businesses to shoot their own photography. It’s not uncommon for marketing departments and PR/content agencies to save money on professional photography by capturing their visuals with either a small camera or even their smartphones. However, as a professional photographer in this field, on a daily basis, I observe non-professional photography being published in social media and business publications, which fails to showcase the professional image that their clients or companies require, which is a critical part to succeed in their competitive sector.  
This is where I can help. Through an online webinar, I can provide a step-by-step guide on crucial tips in lighting and composition to elevate your photography to a level that meets the expectations of your clients and business requirements
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What will I learn on the day?
I will provide some of my extensive knowledge of over 25 years of full-time professional photography with techniques in composition, lighting, camera handling, portraits, workplace, and event photography. The webinar will give you the basic knowledge to allow you to shoot in a professional style.

Who can attend this workshop?
Anybody, with little or no experience, to having some knowledge in photography is very welcome to this workshop. All I ask is for attendees to know the basic camera settings for their smartphones and/or camera devices. These may include controlling the camera’s light meter/exposure, aperture, ISO, and shutter speeds, plus the ‘RAW’ file type the device can capture.

What is the workshop schedule?
A good duration of a webinar is 2 hours, this gives time for a basic understanding and lots of questions.

Is there a workshop follow-up?
Yes, I will provide my workshop attendees with an exclusive online video tutorial which explains my step-by-step process from the taken image in the camera through to Adobe Raw and Adobe Photoshop. Within this, I will include one of the locations we photographed.

I’ve never used Photoshop; is this a problem?
Firstly, for those who do not have Photoshop, there is a cost-effective subscription model that can be installed on a month-by-month basis for when you require it. Understanding Photoshop might sound like a daunting task to some; however, I explain each step in a concise and easy way, demonstrating that the process I employ using this software is straightforward. The result is a professional-level of finished images.