Terms and conditions

Cancellation or Change of a Workshop:

I, Dan Oxtoby Photography, will make every attempt to operate the workshop you have booked, but I do reserve the right to cancel or change the trip at any time due to reasons beyond my control, such as ill health, injury, insufficient bookings, or adverse weather conditions. An immediate refund will be issued; however, I will be limited to the amount paid for the workshop, which is canceled or postponed, and shall not be liable to cover any other expenses, including travel and accommodation costs, and any loss of earnings.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

If you need to cancel a booking for any workshop, I require this to be done in writing via email to info@danoxtoby.com.

  • A full refund will be issued up to 90 days before the workshop commences.
  • A 50% refund will be issued from 89 to 61 days before the workshop commences.
  • No refund will be issued from 60 days before the workshop commences.


By attending one of my workshops:

Late Arrivals, No Shows, and Losing or Leaving the Workshop Early:

There will be no refund or partial refund for:

  • Attendees who are late arriving, and the workshop has already started and left without them.
  • Attendees who are fully absent from the workshop.
  • Attendees who decide to leave before the end of the workshop.

Attendees who become separated/lost from the workshop and miss part of the workshop.

  • I take no responsibility for attendees being separated/lost from me and the workshop.

Health, Fitness Conditions, and Medical Emergencies:

Please note I do not have any first aid qualifications and am unable to provide care and assistance should an attendee become ill. If you have a medical condition, a disability, or are unable to walk several miles at a reasonable pace, you must disclose this at the time of your booking to enable me to assess whether I can accommodate you on the workshop.

Workshop Marketing:

I may see opportunities to photograph and/or video the group while the workshop is taking place to be potentially used on my website and social media. Attendees have to inform me before the workshop commences if you do not consent to this.

Not Included in the Workshop:

  • The attendees have to use their own camera equipment.
  • The attendees have to buy their own food and drink when required.
  • The attendees have to arrive via their travel arrangements at the start of the workshop and leave via their travel arrangements at the end of the workshop.
  • The attendees have to pay for public transport should this be used while attending the workshop.


Online Webinar Workshop:

The webinar is hosted by Dan Oxtoby via Zoom at an agreed time for up to 2 hours.

Dan Oxtoby Photography is not responsible for any online signal failure. 

Dan Oxtoby Photography will endeavor to complete the workshop within the allocated time, however is not responsible for incomplete workshop due to interruptions of all kinds.