Bespoke Workshops

Offering a tailored workshop to cater to the specific preferences of both individuals and groups seeking personalised mentorship in various types of photography. Whether it’s conducting a corporate team building event, or a private leisure day, I’ll provide the exact workshop you require, in the location of your choosing.
My expertise spans across numerous photography categories, including landscape, cityscape, portraits, lighting, and time-lapse techniques.
If you’re interested in booking me please call or email for a chat and a quote.

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What will I learn on the day?
I will provide my extensive knowledge of over 25 years of full-time professional photography with techniques in composition, lighting, camera handling, portraits, cityscapes, and street photography thinking. The day will be packed with different locations and tutorials, but with a relaxed and mindful vibe.

Who can attend this workshop?
Anybody with any experience in photography is very welcome to this workshop—this could be pro photographers gaining more knowledge, enthusiasts, and tourists. I will be able to advise on all levels. All I ask is for attendees to know the basic settings for their camera devices. These include controlling the camera’s light meter/exposure, aperture, ISO, and shutter speeds. Smartphone users probably won’t have these settings; however, they will have an exposure slider and possibly a RAW setting, which would be handy to know about. You can still get a lot from the workshop with other aspects.

What camera equipment should I bring?
All cameras are welcome, including smartphones. Although you are slightly limited with what can be achieved with a smartphone, there are still plenty of opportunities. I would advise traveling lightly as there’s lots of walking! Ideally, a DSLR and a wide to medium zoom 24-70mm. I would also advise having a rain jacket and a rain cover for your camera, just in case!

What is the workshop schedule?
The workshop starts at 10:00 AM prompt and finishes between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM. There will be time to grab some lunch for up to 30 minutes from one of the many eating places on route. The route and landmarks will be confirmed days before the workshop commences but will consist of some of the city’s most spectacular buildings to study and use optimum composition techniques and exposures. Furthermore, a tutorial in portrait shooting with flash is included. I will also teach while walking from venue to venue the art of capturing a decisive moment from intricacies that the city provides.

Is there a lot of walking?
Depending on the workshop required, then possibly yes. So, a relative level of fitness is required as we may cover a few miles of walking. Dress appropriately with comfy shoes.

Do I need a flash and tripod?
No, the style of the workshop is quite a fast-moving one where setting up tripods isn’t really required. We can shoot some slow shutter speed work by hand holding and using walls. One of the tutorials is portrait lighting, where I provide a flash, brolly, and a reflector to demonstrate different lighting techniques. I will have a flash sync cable for all to individually use.

Is there a post-workshop debrief?
Yes, if possible we’ll get a drink near the end of the workshop, where we will be able to view each other’s cameras and discuss the day along with any questions.

Is there a workshop follow-up?
Yes, I will provide my workshop attendees with an exclusive online video tutorial which explains my step-by-step process from the taken image in the camera through to Adobe Raw and Adobe Photoshop. Within this, I will include one of the locations we photographed.

I’ve never used Photoshop; is this a problem?
Firstly, for those who do not have Photoshop, there is a cost-effective subscription model that can be installed on a month-by-month basis for when you require it. Understanding Photoshop might sound like a daunting task to some; however, I explain each step in a concise and easy way, demonstrating that the process I employ using this software is straightforward. The result is a professional-level of finished images.