How professional photography helps you stand out in the construction sector

Professional photography in construction sector

Professional imagery is a highly effective marketing tool for the construction and property sector. It enables you to capture the progress of your development, documenting each stage from concept to completion.

In an age of mass smartphone imagery, professional photography and video is key to standing out from your competitors. It is ideal for construction and property where expertise in lighting, composition and the use of specialist photography equipment are required.

Having a bank of high-quality images allows you to present a polished and professional identity across all your sales and marketing platforms, from your website to your brochures, advertising and social media channels. It helps your customers, partners, decision makers and other stakeholders understand the journey of your development and see its end results. It can also be used to showcase and acknowledge the hard work and specialisms of your team.

Types of construction photography and video

Professional photography and video can document your construction or property development through:

• Press and PR shots of your team on site at the start of a project
• Imagery of key moments and stages
• Long-term timelapse over the full duration of the construction process
• Perfectly lit, pin-sharp interiors photography
• Architectural images of the completed structure
• Aerial / drone footage of the site and construction
• General video giving an overview of your company, services and team

Construction photography expertise

It takes knowledge and skill to capture construction and property imagery successfully. The photographer / videographer needs to be able to manage the constraints of working on a live building site while capturing imagery that reflects your company and project.

Specialist knowledge of lighting and composition is required to showcase the development at its best. A skilled construction photographer will have a wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas.

They will also own the correct equipment for photographing construction sites and property developments. They will be skilled at using cameras, tripods, lighting equipment, drones and other photography equipment effectively. They will be able to identify the best angles and perspectives from which to take the shots, while within what can often be a busy and ever-changing site.

An experienced professional photographer will know the best time of day to capture the perfect image, and will work with their client to plan the shoot. They will take into consideration the intended use of the pictures, the story that their client wants to tell, and the people that need to be included.

The best thing is that you’ll end up with a wide selection of high-quality imagery that adds value to your marketing assets and maximises your budget.

Professional photography for construction and property

For over 25 years, I’ve been providing clients with professional photography and videography in the construction and property sectors.

I work closely with my clients to ensure that they get the most out of my services and that the process is as easy and efficient as possible.

Photo and video shoots on a building site can be subject to a number of considerations and constraints, and I have years of experience in managing and navigating these. I liaise with clients to ensure that permission and protocols are in place for accessing all required areas, and ensure that my work causes minimum disruption to the team and activity on site.

Based in Yorkshire, I work across the north of England and the wider UK. To discuss photography and video for your construction project or property development, call me on 07989 345 646 or email

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