Video with Long-term Timelapse & Drone for the Construction & Manufacturing Sectors

The package explained 

A crucial marketing asset with visual impact to have in your sectors is dynamic video – here’s how I provide this service…

Two long term cameras are placed at a vantage point to capture all the construction on a site build, which can be a 10 day project or a 10 month project, the cameras capture it all. 

In addition to this, short term timelapse is shot by me of the project, this maybe of 2 hours capturing key parts of the build.

Finally drone video is taken at various stages, documenting elevated angles and visual highlights including the end of the project.

My Fee

Generally my fee depends on the size of the project – Here’s two differing examples…

A local 4 month build in West Yorkshire would need 3 visits and costs around £950, this includes 2 days of editing the video.

A local 2 week shop fit build in West Yorkshire may only need 2 visits and would cost around £625

I can shoot anywhere, so further afield my fee increases a little for fuel and time costs.

Below is a recent timelapse and video shoot – I’ve included a social media edit and the full edit too.


Full Edit…


Social Media Edit…

Combining Stills Photography with the Video Shoot

Regarding your visual marketing material, it’s perhaps logical to shoot stills photography while on location shooting the video work. Although this would add additional time and costs to the overall shoot, it is a fraction compared to a seperate photo shoot along with the time spent organising it. 

Photography can usually add more creative freedom compared to video, by lighting the subjects in a more desired, polished way.

I can also provide elevated drone photography of your construction or manufacturing.

Furthermore, other smaller marketing requirements may be shot at the same time, such as other projects, personnel, interiors etc.

Here’s my relevant portfolios for your sectors…

Industrial and Manufacturing